Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Second Act

I just celebrated another birthday. They seem to be coming faster and faster and as Joni Mitchell says in her song “Circle Game” I want to drag my feet just to slow the circle down. I’m really not that old. Just old enough to live in the new “senior” housing in Morgan Hill (if I wanted to). Just old enough to get a discounted ticket at the movie theater. Just old enough to be courted and and pursued by AARP. Just old enough to know better most times…

At least I don’t feel old.

In honor of my recent birthday I’d like to give myself a big round of applause for Act One of my life! It has not been without struggle and I want to take a bow and acknowledge all the varied and sundry experiences, the provocative and stimulating people, the gut-wrenching turmoil, the unexpected deliriously joyful surprises, the down and dirty hard work and the yin and yang of it all.

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