Monday, March 5, 2012

Live Simply

This picture of my son, Peter, in our back yard in Whittier, California, takes me back to a time when life was much simpler. Our morning ritual went something like this…

Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and then a tour of the vegetable garden to see what was newly sprouting and/or ready for harvest.

On this beautiful morning Peter uprooted a bumper crop of radishes and held them in awe and wonder only capable of a four year old reveling in his stay-at-home mom’s undivided attention. (Judging by Peter’s age I’m guessing Robert and Patrick were tucked neatly away at school for the day.)

The weed infested grass in the foreground wouldn’t win any awards I can guarantee you! And our front yard was no different being that it was the designated area for the neighborhood slip and slide on hot afternoons.

But we were oblivious to the imperfections. Life was good and we didn’t care what the neighbors thought. After all.. their kids were at our house playing and they were most likely home drinking ice tea and watching Phil Donohue!

During this lenten season I want to live more simply. Drive less. Spend less. Worry less. Pray more while lying in Savasana pose after hot yoga class. And find more joy in little things. A phone call from my brother Mickey. An impromptu lunch with a good friend. An early morning stroll with a cup of black coffee (sans little boys, sadly) in my Morgan Hill garden to see what’s newly sprouting and/or ready for harvest.


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  1. Along with the whole idea of living simpler lives comes the concept of getting rid of that which we do not use, so that others may. Next week is our annual Santa Clara clean-up. My Lenten “sacrifice” will be to get rid of everything I haven’t worn in a year or more, no matter how much I like it; and take it to St. Justin’s Outgrown Shop. I’m also going to get rid of everything that is old and worn out (myself excluded) and find space inside for all the “hidden treasures” that have been tucked away under piles of stuff in my garage. Hey Rosemarie, you want Juliana’s “A” papers from Pres? I don’t have the heart to get rid of those – but I fear, I must. Be strong Rosemary – Be Strong!

  2. Ah yes! Let the spring cleaning begin! We will be reNEWed in Christ at Easter! About Juliana’s A papers.. can you sell them on line and give the money to the pagan babies? Brilliant!

  3. I have so many great memories from that garden- bmx track, archaeological dig site, turtle sanctuary, spider habitat, plus awesome carrots giant zucchini to name a few…

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