Friday, April 6, 2012

One last Lenten prayer...

Lent officially ends tonight and I never really decided on what I was doing or not doing to observe the 40 days and 40 nights. I guess I wanted to keep my options open! So here we are at the solemn end and what do I have to show for it?

In hindsight I realize that I did get into a habit of praying. I often feel like such a flake when I tell someone that I will pray for them and then it dissolves into the thin air of my best intentions. So during Lent I kept a prayer list by my computer.

And I prayed in the morning when I got to work.

And I prayed in Savasana after hot yoga.

And I prayed when I was falling asleep at night.

As I prayed I put a line through the answered prayer… (like I do with my “to do” list).

Well Barbara who was suffering from cancer went to meet her maker in heaven. Jen is pregnant. Claire and her husband are in the process of adopting a baby. Mounir got a job. My friend Nancy’s husband got in to a special program at OHSU for his cancer treatments. And my cousin Anna Marie looks beautiful in her facebook pictures even though I know she is in the midst of fighting breast cancer. Prayer works!

But we’re not done yet God! There is one more thing on my list!

I have tried every angle with my supplication. I’ve consulted with my mother in heaven and asked her to go see what’s holding up the works. I’ve held a painful pose in yoga and “offered it up” for a special intention. It seems only fair that if I can hold standing bow pose for one full minute on a fake hip that God can grant this one wish! I’ve worn this little cross as a good luck charm, rubbing it every few minutes to remind heaven that I haven’t given up the fight yet. Today I posted my prayer request on! (you can google anything you know..) Lastly I’ve told the whole world with this blog that I’m on my last nerve.

Lord have mercy! Just one last thing…


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  1. Rosemarie, special prayers sent your way from me. I wish I could offer prayers through my music for you at Santa Clara, but it’s not meant to be. I will however, throw a handful of sand into the Pacific ocean when I go spend Easter in Manhattan Beach with Juliana, and pray that even though our sins are plentiful, God loves us unconditionally and will welcome us with open arms to Heaven when we complete our journey on this earth. I feel so blessed to share my life on this side, with you.

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