Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sentimental Journey

When my three sons were little boys we used to play outside on Tedemory Drive in the sunny Southern California weather. I say we because I was often the mom out there with all the neighborhood kids playing three flies up or kickball or freeze tag or slip and slide. What appeared to be a noble mother-like thing to do was actually this mother’s excuse to go out and play- re-creating my own childhood days on Halo Drive playing hide and go seek and football in the street, and rollerskating with my best friend Holly Kocher around the block. I have the scars to show for it. This one from falling out of Mrs. McDaniel’s tree. That one from roller derby induced road rash. Back here is where I ripped open my leg falling into rose bushes while trying to catch a baseball. (BTW- I caught it!) 

When my sons became teenagers and I began the “mom taxi” service to San Jose for high school and visits to friends, we would drive from Morgan Hill down Hale Ave where every cyclist in town gravitated to ride. I would say to my sons “I’d take up biking if it wasn’t for those funny clothes!” 

Low and behold! 

Empty nest hit. No more son shuttling. No more three flies up. No more “Mom, can you take me…?”

Well, never say never! Cycling gave me the opportunity to go out and play again! And what a joy to have the opportunity to wear those funny clothes with my handsome son, Peter. I guess all those rides down Hale Ave. piqued his interest as well. 

Joining us yesterday were Peter’s beautiful girlfriend, Breezy and my handsome manfriend, Dale. Together we completed a 100k ride through the wine country with 2000 other cyclists. Who would’a thought? Funny clothes and all… 

Now don’t just sit there! Get out and play! 

If One Hip Diva can do it, you can too! :)

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