Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All Is Calm.. All Is Bright

This is my next door neighbor’s house. They are the first house on our street to have their lights up and their tree decorated. I noticed this Sunday evening as I was walking to my mail box across the street. (I hadn’t had time to get my mail for a few days.)

I said to myself Jeez! A bit anxious aren’t we? I then heard a voice in my ear saying “bah humbug..”.

I looked a little closer and noticed through the window people eating and laughing. My neighbors were having a holiday party and the guests looked cozy and warm inside- the windows somewhat fogged from the heavy breathing, fun laughter, and everyone talking at the same time.

I was transfixed.

It was a rainy night yet I felt compelled to walk by their house again later that evening just to take it all in. It was like a Norman Rockwell painting and it stirred within me a nostalgia for days less busy, less hurried and less hectic. Days filled with the care and feeding of three little boys, putting together puzzles with them, dancing to wild music on the turntable and baking Christmas cookies. Days when the mail man at the door was one of the most exciting events of the afternoon!

I have to admit, I’ve been a little bit of a Scrooge lately. With a full time job, preparing for Christmas often feels like taking on an additional part time job! It always has a lovely ending though the beginning can be rough, plagued by my bad attitude and feelings of impending doom.

Sunday night changed all that. Something wrenched itself loose in me and I wanted what I saw inside my neighbor’s cheery and festive home. Love and Joy. Friendship and laughter.

All things calm and bright…

Let the wild rumpus begin!

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  1. How wonderful a reflection, Rosemarie. You touched a place deep within me. I, too, long for those days of carefree laughter, pure joy, and less stress. The house strewn with toys, the yard filled with noise, long morning walks in the neighborhood, bedtime stories at night. How blessed we were to be at home with our children. Wild times, quiet times – they were all good. Love was the ribbon that wrapped each day. The beautiful thing is that, while the days are now different and the packages have a new appearance, the ribbon is still there and we are still moms and love still wraps the moments. Life is good. I’m ready for the annual Christmas rumpus!

  2. Kathy,
    The complexity of life continues. Different homes, different issues.. Yet LOVE all the more!
    So glad you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with me!

  3. I hope yopu’re in the mood now to buy and ship my Xmas present. i waas getting worried there.!
    Love ya SIS

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