Sunday, March 10, 2013

Much needed weekend with my Bestie!

Do you ever feel like you have to escape your life and find someone who can help you make sense of the chaos and confusion that is creating cobwebs in your brain and taking up all available grey matter? Is there anything better than a best friend to help you put it all into perspective?

She’s not going to like this picture and she’s going to kill me for posting it! But she’s my best friend and she will forgive me. That’s what best friends do. This is me and my bestie in our hotel room with my iPad. We are stalking people we went to high school with on Facebook. How fun is that? By day we are mothers with college degrees and respectable jobs. We each have raised three high functioning children and we own our homes. We go to work everyday and people think we have it all together.

But when we meet for a bestie weekend we regress back to two silly giggling teenagers with nothing to do but gossip and whine and wonder how we will ever be able to retire and spend winters in Arizona.

I got to San Luis Obispo first.. our half way meeting point. She came a half hour later and the first thing we did was lock ourselves into the hotel bathroom so that Patty could repair her left eye makeup that had teared it’s way off. She has a clogged tear duct just like I had two years ago. Isn't that weird? Do you know two people with clogged tear ducts?? Is that like a medical empathy condition?

Then we went shopping. Unfortunately, it was much too early for cocktails…

It’s a rare skill to be able to talk about the fine details of your life while picking out birthday cards and trying on clothes. But we managed. We absolutely did not act our age unless of course there was some sort of a discount involved. We had complementary wine and cookies for dinner in our hotel room. I forgot my jammies and she loaned me her “life is good” jogging outfit to sleep in. We cuddled under the covers of our queen sized bed and stalked people we knew on Facebook and took silly pictures of ourselves with my iPhone and texted them to friends we haven’t seen in years! Who does that???

In the morning we got dressed and went hunting for good coffee. I showed her the scar from my hip replacement and we talked about having our eyes done. Later, we shared a hamburger from Habitat and a salad with blue cheese dressing on the side after which we indulged in frozen yogurt next door. We were allowed two samples but of course we helped ourselves to more like six before we made our final flavor choices.

As we walked back to the hotel from lunch I noted the young college students with their very tight shorts on and their obvious goat feet showing. This sent us into a near collapse on Higuera Street. Patty corrected me between snorts of laughter. “Camel toes! You mean camel toes!!

All in all we had a great weekend. I am ready to regroup and put on my adult persona for work on Monday and no one is the wiser. It was great fun being 16 again and not paying any attention to the major food groups that keep us healthy and prevent geriatric wrinkles and excess weight around the midsection.

I feel so blessed to have my bestie. She is my friend forever. She is my sister and my therapist. She helps me make sense of my life. I am confident that we will figure this all out together.

And I would be lost without her. xox

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  1. Ahhhh, nice entry!

    Need to make that appt for the eyelid lift and a few other lifts as well!

    Goat Feet!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!

  2. What a great weekend you two shared! You’ll have to ess-plain to me what “camel toes” are. I’m pretty sure you’re not talking about dromedaries! So glad you and Patty had this weekend to replenish, refuel, and rejuvenate. I remember you talking about Patty when we were neighbors on Tedemory. How wonderful to have known someone for that long and to be best friends. Gift.

  3. Great post Mom! I love it.

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