Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Can you see me now?

When I lived in Portland, Oregon one of my favorite things to do in the evening with my neighbor Clara was walk around the neighborhood and just catch up on the day, build our friendship, and look into peoples’ windows.

From the sidewalk of course!

Homes at night, illuminated from within, reveal so much more than the typical daytime drive-by viewing. There’s often an interesting lamp or a curious seating arrangement. There is the lighting and the color and the architecture and the moisture on the windows that speaks of warmth and conversations and relationships within.

Clara and I would muse about the decorating but also about the family dwelling inside. What were they like? Most houses kept their draperies open in the evening as if to invite such speculation.

As if to say “see me”.

See what I’m like inside. I may be awkward and not good at conversation. I may be boorish or abrupt or seemingly uncaring or selfish or grouchy or cross. I might appear unkempt and desperately in need of a hot meal and some sound sleep!  But look inside me. See the me illuminated from within. See my intentions and my efforts. See my brokenness and my longings, my fears and insecurities.

In this season of light as we are hurrying to make some magic for our families, as we cook and bake in between 9-5 jobs, as we volunteer at soup kitchens or church pantries or reach to give a dollar or two to a person with a sign on the corner outside the Safeway (after purchasing $200 worth of groceries how can you not?)…

Stop for a minute and look inside where the lights illuminate who we truly are. Who the stranger is. Who my neighbor is. Who the homeless woman is. Who I am.

Can you see me now?

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  1. This is a beautiful message, Rosemarie, and particularly timely as we celebrate the holidays. So many people are lonely, afraid, insecure, hesitant, burdened and laden with worry. December often drops into human hearts like a spade into heavy clay. No easy dig sometimes to reach the emotions hidden deep within. Yet this season seems to beg the effort. Homes illuminated at night are indeed interesting (Rich and I love looking into windows, too!). So much revealed about those who dwell inside. Sometimes the glitter is too much and becomes itself the light that makes darkness a thing of comfort (Southey said something like that, I think). One seeks the Light one cannot see only to find that darkness is dispelled. The lambent glow of God reveals the soul dependent. Peace within. Joy without. Love embracing both. Now, having said that, let’s go peek in some windows! Tedemory might be a good place to start! We might even find a driveway bonfire or two!!!

    • Kathy, I am so enjoying following you on FB and seeing what your beautiful children are up to! I know you will have a wonderful holiday with all of them and Rich. Peace and love to you all!

      • I’m enjoying following you, too, Rosemarie! Your FB posts and blog are so insightful and so interesting. You are such a good writer and have such vision. We are both blessed to have our families. Your “boys” are so handsome. How lucky you are to have such wonderful men in your life. Who woulda’ thunk our children would finally grow up? I never saw it coming. Kinda’ thought the kids would be kids forever. Am afraid the Ronans are all a bit goofy! When we all get together (which is frequently), it’s total chaos! Decorum abandoned, we simply fall into silliness and more silliness! It’s shameful, but so much fun!

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