Friday, May 9, 2014

25 things my mother taught me...

1. To save all my receipts from everything

2. To stand up straight and hold my shoulders back

3. How to pluck my eyebrows so that they don’t run together above my nose

4. How to roll a pot of stuffed grape leaves in less than an hour

5. How to iron parts of a shirt in the correct order

6. How to cook without a recipe

7. To love my siblings but never go into business with them

8. To sing Broadway show tunes while cooking

9. That peanut butter on anything is a perfectly acceptable meal

10. To not say bad words (unless you say them in Arabic)

11. How to entertain friends, strangers and angels and make them all feel welcome in your home

12. How to cook for 20 people when only 6 are coming for dinner

13. How to embrace the feminine in the midst of a male dominated household

14. That food is love

15. That I am as Catholic as I am Lebanese

16. To wake up in the morning with a good attitude and smell the coffee no matter how bad the previous day was

17. How to boss someone around the kitchen (Breezy)

18. To pray the rosary when I cannot sleep

19. How to raise sons to be strong, compassionate and loving men

20. How to stretch one pound of meat to feed eight people

21. To sleep in the bed I made for myself (You’ve made your bed, now lie in it!)

22. How to wrap my babies tightly, hold them closely, and sing to them sweetly

23. How to trust God’s plan even in the most desperate situations

24. That love is stronger than death

My relationship with my mother was complicated until I had my first born son. After which I realized the most important thing she taught me. A lesson to last a lifetime.

25. How to be a mother




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  1. #25 – you are in spades! Happy Mother’s Day Rosemarie! I hope your heart will be filled with love and joy and all good things.

  2. That was wonderful. I also have never forgotten my mother teaching me how to iron a shirt correctly. She was the ironer I have ever seen.

    • Oh that’s too funny! Yes, she started me on handkerchiefs and then we moved on to everyone’s uniform shirt for Catholic school! She used to roll them and put them in the freezer until she was ready (or I was ready) to do several hours of ironing!! Ironing is a lost art! Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  3. Yes-my mon said many of these also. Another I still think of “beware of getting into a rut with your husband”.

    • Oh, Sharon, did she tell you how NOT to get in that rut?? My mother wouldn’t let me complain about Bob. She said “You made your bed now lie in it.” Actually, I think those are good words of advice and I think of them often before I make my bed. :) Happy Mother’s Day, Sharon, and next time you are in Scott’s Valley you better call me!!! xox

  4. So many of the above resonate, Rosemarie, with things my mom taught me. I laughed out loud when I read about the shirt. Where would we be without the wisdom of our moms? You’re so accomplished in so many ways and your mother must surely be so proud of you.

    • Kathy, I think I could have made a significant list of 100 things! Isn’t it funny how we just absorb that knowledge as we work side by side with them as daughters? We both lost our moms early so whatever we gleaned from them is so important to us. Happy Mother’s Day, Kathy. You are a wonderful mother and grandmother!

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. I remember your Mom and her presence in your life in Whittier, taught many of us new Mom’s the same lessons. (Except I rolled enchiladas instead of grape leaves – HA!)

    • Rosemary, I remember your mom as well. My favorite memory was your baby shower? Or someone’s shower at your mom’s house. I think I started laughing the minute I got there and didn’t stop the entire party. She was delightful and had the best sense of humor. Our moms died too young. Happy Mother’s Day to you, my friend!

  6. I love this Rosemarie. It makes me miss my mom – not the ironing part though – I had to iron my brothers’ Catholic uniform shirts too (6 brothers)!! She even ironed sheets! Thank God for perma press!

    • Oh, Patty, did your mom put the shirts in the freezer in plastic bags? I also have fond memories of folding underwear, t-shirts and putting together pairs of socks in make-you-go-crosseyed blacks, dark blues and dark browns! So much fun living with so many men! xox

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