Sunday, August 30, 2015

You want how much for that refrigerator??

Yup.. she’s a beauty.

And everyone knows that food is love and the bigger the frig the more food and the more love! It would be a huge splurge. It’s what I love to do. Entertain. Make food. Food Is Love.

The stainless steel doesn’t turn me on. But I’ve been told that it’s time to join the real world and stop being a hippy. I’m still not sure this refrigerator fits my lifestyle. I really loved my magnetic door white frig with the 100 pictures plastered on it and magnets broadcasting everything from what wine to drink with dinner all the way to the phone number of my favorite appliance guy, Kenny.

I guess those days are over… sigh.

“So, can I have your address?” says the nice man at Lowe’s.” He’s about the age of my sons and tall and skinny and I’m thinking maybe I’ll invite him over sometime and try to fatten him up.

“Oh.. I don’t have it with me.” I’m embarrassed that I haven’t memorized my new address yet.

“OK. You can just call it in with your credit card and we’ll do the transaction over the phone.” He didn’t seem the least bit suspicious. “Now when would you like this delivered?”

“Um… I don’t know.” Now I’m sounding like a crazy lady.

“I bought a new townhouse (friggin’ 10 months ago) and it’s not done yet.”

“Oh.” he said with a raised eyebrow.

Yes, OH! That’s what I say!

Now, I don’t know my address. I don’t know when I’ll be in my new place. I don’t know how I’ve survived this transition without going a bit nuts. But I do know that I’m going to need that big ass frig so that I can have a lot of food and do a bunch of cooking and have people over and show them how much I love them and make my new house into a home so stop asking me all these silly questions and let’s get on with our business, shall we?

I thought to myself…

It’s been said that if you build it they will come.

Maybe if I buy the frig the townhouse will be done.

One can only hope…

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  1. I’m sure that that fridge will soon be filled with delicious Lebanese/California cuisine and that your new home will be filled with family, friends, and love. Starting a new chapter in our lives can be difficult, but you’re rising to the challenge and your tenacious spirit will see you through. And I think it would be perfectly fine to slap a couple of magnets and pictures on that refrigerator. After all – a home’s a home, right?

  2. Dear One-hip,

    I just figured out how to get your new blog entries automatically Mom and Dad would be proud.

    Brother Butch

  3. You re correct!!! A ‘ Fridge is conducive to LOVE……………Food is LOVE, and in an Italian family, guilt and control!! Hahahahahahah

    If you like Vino Vino so much……let’s meet there soon!!,

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