Sunday, October 11, 2015


Occurring at a favorable time. Opportune. Involving divine foresight or intervention.

I think both definitions fit perfectly but I am leaning towards the latter.

I am finally in my new home. It feels somewhat like a new shoe. Super fabulous looking but in need of some breaking in.

My sons and my daughter in law have all come to share a glass of wine, Chinese food, snacks, coffee and bagels. My grand-dogs have run through the house, making my cat, Ethel, climb up high on top of the kitchen cupboards just like old times. I’ve had interesting people in and out buying items from my Craig’s List postings (thank you, Patrick), giving me some nice cash to buy lots of take out so that I can feed the “help” until I get this new kitchen organized.

Yesterday I met the most interesting couple- Sharon and Neil. They drove from Hayward to get my Pottery Barn chair and a half with the matching ottoman. Neil is a Marriage and Family Therapist like me and Sharon is a Pastoral Minister, a Buddhist practitioner and a future radio personality. They were so very compatible, finishing each other’s sentences and taking turns sharing their personal stories with me, my son, Peter, and my daughter in law, Brianna. Neil and Peter had a common acquaintance. Sharon and I could have talked forever about her work and her experiences ministering to the dying at UCSF.

We contemplated my parents’ dining room furniture and how difficult it was to fit into my new place. Sharon had so many insights about how objects carry memory and good “karma” so to speak and how passing them on is a blessing to the next owner. Perhaps I could also make a sort of “hope chest” in the closet under the staircase with the silver and other family heirlooms that I’ve had the pleasure of inheriting over the years. A future granddaughter might fall in love with these items. I felt somewhat of a release from the old and permission to move into the future with not only my earned wisdom but also with fresh ideas and a clean slate.

After Neil and Sharon left, I experienced my new home with different eyes. How did these two intriguing and insightful people walk off the street and into my life? Even if I never see them again (although I have a feeling I will) they have touched something deep inside of me.

New concepts. New opportunities. New people traversing my life path and sharing their stories. This is not just my new home. This is an opportunity for transformation.

As Peter and Breezy piled the doggies into the car and prepared to head north, and we reviewed our visit with Neil and Sharon, I asked, “Providential. Is that a word?”. Peter said “I don’t think so, Mom. You made that up.”

I do sort of make things up sometimes. I embellish and take writer’s liberties. I’m a good story teller.

But when I got back into the house I Googled “providential” like a good student of vocabulary and there it was.

I couldn’t have made up a better word for the way I was feeling.



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  1. Congratulations on your new home, Rosemarie! Rich and I are so happy for you. Providential? A good word. A great word. I truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason just as circumstances occur for a reason. The Hand of God is powerful. Rabindranath Tagore says: “Love’s gift cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.” I think that’s a pretty good definition of “providence.” Enjoy your new home! Hope Rich and I can visit you this year!

  2. Kathy and Rich, I am accepting the gift given. It’s been a difficult transition. But I am open to the new magic of God’s love and the mystery of life. Thank you for your comments and BTW I have a guest room just for you!! xox

    • Keep your porch light on and promise us a bonfire and, God willing, we’ll see you sometime during the next 12 months!

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