Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday at Presentation High School. To non-Catholics, this must be the weirdest cult practice that one has ever experienced! Being doused with ashes in the shape of a cross and being told to turn from sin and live the gospel. The scriptures proclaimed at Mass today told us that we are forgiven and loved and invited to be our best selves! These students certainly look happy, don’t they?

I’m so proud of my Catholic faith. It has really emerged as a positive force in this troubled world. Our Pope has taken great pains in living a simple life and rejecting the pomp and circumstances of Vatican City. We are encouraged, during the season of Lent- the forty days and nights before Easter- to do something positive in our lives rather than give something up.

Be kind. Serve the poor. Love your neighbor.

When I was in high school I practiced all the Catholic rituals without understanding them. These students are doing the same. They have no idea how this gospel message will come to nest in their souls and take fruit in their lives. God bless them! They are beautiful young women with the whole world at their feet.

I pray that they go forth and make a difference. That they love tenderly and serve with open hearts. That they become women of God with lives that impact others in a positive way.

I feel so blessed to be able to witness their transformation to womanhood and support them as they look forward to all of life’s blessings.


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  1. This is a beautiful post, Rosemarie. Your words capture the essence of Lent, the joy of faith, the beauty of women, the comfort of mercy. How I wish I could have been at the PHS prayer service. I miss those at Rosary High School. You are such a good writer and have such passion and insight. Keep posting!

  2. Rosemarie, both of my parents were active Catholics in their later years. Their faith nourished their lives. My little sister is Catholic and her husband recently became a deacon in the Catholic church! Whenever I attend mass I am struck by the beauty of the ceremony. Like I think you said in another post, the Catholic Church was new – agey before the rest of us. Thanks again for another beautiful post!

  3. John, I didn’t know your parents were Catholic. We need to make a list of things to catch up on! Very interesting hearing from you after all these years. Looking forward to chatting!

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