Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fearfully and wonderfully made...

in the secret of darkness

before I saw the sun

in my mother’s womb

~Psalm 139:14

Dear little Boe,

You are a miracle. A gift. Someone new to love and long to hold. A bundle of sweet smells and warm cuddles. You have us all in awe and wonder.

How beautiful you are. A blank slate. A crisp white page to be filled with lovely lyrics. An empty vessel within which we place all our hopes and dreams. Your innocence is compelling. I feel absolution in your presence.

I know that some little parts of you have been etched from my own body. That in itself is mind blowing. I look at you and feel such love and connection- and at the same time, a sense of mystery. Who are you? Who will you become? How will I fit into your life? What will we do together to build our relationship?

Little lovey, the day you were born we all experienced a life changing transition. Woman and man became mother and father. Mother and father became grandmother and grandfather. It may take some time for us to learn our new roles so please be patient with us.

I hear other grandparents brag that they can spoil their grandchildren and then send them home. All the fun and none of the responsibility. Then they laugh! But Boe, I have a little secret for you.

I would do it all again. The pain of labor, the sleepless nights, the diapers, the desitine, the sticky kisses, the million and one soccer, basketball and little league games, the waiting up for teenagers, the “sex” talks, and the endless and painful letting gos- witnessing three little boys traverse their paths into manhood.

But there would be do-overs. I would clean less, order more take out, play more games and be more attentive to the ebb and flow of raising a family. And most of all I would allow myself to enjoy it all. Not be so stressed and insecure. Not be so hard on myself. Not compare myself to other moms who appeared to be doing it better.

Little Boe, when your daddy was growing up, I wrote him letters on his birthdays and other occasions so that he would know how my love for him unfolded and developed as he grew up and became a young man. When he graduated from high school I gave him all those letters. It was a labor of love.

I want to do that for you, little Boe. I want you to see what I see in you. And in those moments when you are feeling insecure or a little blue, I want you to know how much you are loved, fearfully and wonderfully made, and carefully knit together in the secret of your mother’s womb by an even greater Love.

My heart is full. My life has taken on a new meaning with your birth. I have so many things I’d like to share with you. So many songs I want to sing to you. And I have all the time in the world to listen to you.

Stay sweet, little boy. Take in all the love you can. Learn honesty and integrity. Be generous and kind.

Grow up to be a man for others.

I love you,

Your Sitti


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    • Thank you, Kathy. It took me three months to write this. I was all tongue tied. But this morning I sat down and told myself.. it’s in there somewhere… xox

  1. I, too, am in tears. So beautiful and full of love. Boe is one lucky kid to have you as his sitti. ❤️

  2. Having watched your mothering from afar, I can say with all certainty Rosemarie, that you were one of the mothers that we all looked up to, as you were raising your boys. Homemade, nourishing meals, a house you turned into a home, a garden filled with freshly picked fruits, veggies and flowers, but most of all unconditional love to your family on a daily basis. I wanted to be you when I grew up! Thanks for sharing your gift of mothering with me, it helped as I raised my three gifts from God. And yes, Boe is a lucky little fella to have you as his Sitti.

    • Those were wonderful days, weren’t they Rosemary?
      We had it good! Thanks for your sweet words.

  3. Sitti, Rosemarie, friend,

    Such an amazing Sitti you will be. I am so blessed that my daughter and our grandson will have you in their life. You have raised amazing boys into loving, kind men, and Boe will be blessed with your love. I love you and am so happy to share the role of grandma,sitti with you! Such a blessing.

    • Elizabeth, we are going to be the most awesome grannies together! Your creativity and inner peace and my hyperactivity and musical talent! We will have some great fun! Love you too and thanks for your sweet comment!

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