Monday, July 25, 2011

The Divas are coming! The Divas are coming!

New friends I treasure and cherish their worth

but old friends to me are the salt of the earth.

~author unknown

Divas far and wide gather every year to celebrate another year of friendship. Our common denominator being that we are all graduates of Anaheim High School in the year of Minnie Riperton, the Watergate Scandal, Kojak, The Exorcist, the gas shortage, Linda Ronstadt, and the Volkswagen Super Beetle.

Collectively we have survived such atrocities as cancer, divorce, infertility, betrayal, organ transplants, joint replacements, and children with assorted medical emergencies. We’ve had dashed dreams and aspirations and we’ve been orphaned.

But mostly we’ve all passed a significant midlife marker and we come together seeking camaraderie, support, laughter, mischief, revenge… you name it.

This weekend we will create enough energy to light up a small city.

What is it about women and friendship that sets us apart from the male species? Is it hormonal? Is it the neurotransmitter exclusive to females that bathes our brains in serotonin when we bond, dance and do each others’ hair that gives us a new lease on life and a positive can do attitude after we spend significant time together?

Fifteen women are core to this group- others participate in the emails, the planning, the wishes they could be there this year and the “after-party” pictures on our exclusive Facebook page. This weekend 12 fabulous women will meet at my house for catch up, wine, cocktails, salad, BBQ, gluten free, non alcoholic, hold the blue cheese, I only drink Yuban, wild dancing and hootennany music and four days of estrogenous bliss.

Knock on my door at your own risk.

Divas in Palm Desert- Summer of 2008

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  1. Patrick Healy on said:

    Only drink Yuban? Not my momma! Have fun Mom. I know you will.

    • admin on said:

      Aunt Patty is the Yuban fanatic! I like Italian Roast from Peets. You know me well my sweet Patrick. Wish you could be here to entertain! Love you and miss you!

  2. Dawn West on said:

    OK, you got me teary. You certainly captured us! What a wonderful post! Looking forward to seeing the group in a few days. Wish I still had my Volkswagen Beetle in which to make my drive, replicating my first solo drive to SF oh-so-many-years ago while on college break. Can’t wait to knock on your door on Thursday afternoon! I need a refill on that wonderful energy I receive from the divine divas!

    • admin on said:

      I felt so compelled to write something last night after cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom! I hadn’t cleaned my oven since about three turkeys ago! So excited to have some mischief this weekend. I’ve warned the neighbors! Ah, yes… the Volkswagen Beetle. I kept mine (bought it when I was 18) until I had all three boys! I would put them in it with all three of their car-seats and tell them we were going on a mission in our space ship!

      Let’s get going on our book!! See you soon.

      • Dawn West on said:

        Most definitely let’s get going on our book! Seriously! I’ll carve some time out for some visits up that way — perhaps some “working weekends” — while we do this. Or we can try to do it via email. I’m in!

        And, my first three cars were VW “bugs” (aka spaceships) . . . and get this, my daughter, who will be eligible to drive in 2 years, tells me she wants a VW bug when turns 16! Ha!

  3. What a beautiful blog, Rosemarie … and a beautiful group of women/friends!! As a “wishes she could be there this year,” I wish you all a grand weekend full of love and laughter (and just enough mischief to keep the authorities at bay). Enjoy ladies!! – Jeanne

    P.S. I LOVED my root beer brown V-Dub with no backseat or bumpers (just sissy bars, isn’t that what they called them?) … the guy I bought it from had taken out the backseat and put in a plywood seat and covered it in gold shag carpet. Isn’t it fun how when you see one now, old or new, it instantly tugs at your heart??

    • Jeanne – we called them “roll bars” in case our converted VW bug (which we called a “dune buggy”) rolled over in the crazy dirt/sand driving we had fun with on camping trips. That’s how I learned to drive (and how to drive a stick shift)– taking our VW dune buggy out for spins on weekend getaways. And back in the day, it was either gold shag carpet or avocado green shag carpet. :-)

  4. Oh, I had the avocado green shag carpet in my first house! Jeanne so wish you could be here but I’m hoping some summer it will work out for you! Or you could invite us all to your place! Eh?
    After we grew out of our little yellow super beetle we bought the last model VW bus.. the one with the engine in the rear. It was the last one they made before the Vanagon. I used to get all the kids buckled up in their car seats, close that sliding side door behind me, climb up into the driver seat and drive away, leaving my stroller in the parking lot. I lost about 5 strollers that way! Talk about kids making you lose your mind!

  5. What a fabulous group! I’m also part of a Girls Weekend group going on 10 years. We are in our mid thirties. We all look forward to it every year. I have found great bonding this way with long time friends. Best wishes to you all!

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