Saturday, August 13, 2011

They came, they danced, they dined and they sang, they laughed and they loved and they left better women.... The Divas!

What could 12 random women in their double nickel year- who went to high school together 37 years ago- possibly have in common? To be honest… not a whole lot. But get a conversation going about Mr. Terry and his Driver’s Ed class or blast Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” on the iPod and watch them reduced to a dozen silly hormonal- braces on my teeth and pimpled- 14 year old girls!

It’s the Diva world. The essence of whatever made us all bond together as adolescents and what continues to draw us back to spend quality time as sisters every year.

We have all dispersed from the common mold of suburban Anaheim High School with its’ non-impressive academics yet stellar athletic and music programs. Our lives have taken each of us in different directions. Some more traditional than others. We talk about our careers, our significant others, our husbands, our children and our grandchildren. We juxtapose conversations about our vacations with those about our chemotherapy- our communication is real, not necessarily polite. The Divas get to the subject matter at hand. No need to dilly dally. None of us are out to make an impression or give false pretenses.

Linda brought gluten free. Patty brought her Silpada jewelry to make us all beautiful. Roberta bought us some devious desserts and Nancy threw in a few pounds of gorp. (Ok.. who picked out all the almonds??) Kelly bought a case of wine and Claudia brought her fiddle for the hootenanny! Trips were made to Trader Joe’s to reinforce the edible booty (and our booties..). We had plenty to eat. We kept our computer time to a minimum being that this seemed to be a sore spot on previous Diva weekends. Divas were kind and thoughtful, working out the sleeping arrangements, taking over the kitchen, cleaning up after long nights of wild activity or thoughtful discussions.

Kim brought scarves for each of us from a recent trip to Paris and we adorned ourselves with them throughout the long weekend. The scarves became our symbol. What are the ties that bind us?

We all graduated from the same high school in the year 1974. We are all women of substance and integrity. We like to have fun with limited censor. We recognize the value of lasting friendship and the wisdom of other women in our lives. We have the energy to light up a small city. And there is something tangible in our bond that we would like to harness and “pay it forward”.

But mostly we recognize that if 12 to 15 women can live together harmoniously in one house for four days without conflict WORLD PEACE is attainable!!

One by one we peeled off- destinations home and husbands and pets, ailing parents and children entrusted in our care. (We are a sandwich generation.) As the group grew smaller, more intimate conversations were had about personal relationships, life challenges, being strong women who say what they mean and mean what they say. Women who tirelessly and courageously take care of the business at hand.

Until we meet again ladies- Diva love and protection to you.

Let’s keep dreaming about how we can harness our Diva essence and make the world a better place.

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  1. Wow! You captured our essence, Ms. Rosemarie! Long live the Divas! Looking forward to next time!

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