Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Leap of Faith

Not your traditional slab of cattle on a plate…

This Labor Day BBQ included seared Ahi tuna, mixed brown rice and roasted eggplant to begin the journey into fall and celebrate the change of weather and all things new.

I attended the International Association of Yoga Therapy Symposium in Pacific Grove Friday through Sunday and am now inspired to practice pranayama breathing, a daily mantra, meditation, positive thoughts and healthy eating. A perfect transition into a new season as well as a fitting attitude adjustment for the new academic year.

I hadn't planned on taking this picture of dinner, but it just looked so lovely on the plate and I was "in the moment" seeing it in all its' beauty, colorfulness and nutritional value. How often do we stop and appreciate something so basic? A plate of wholesome food in my funky backyard in the awesome Indian summer weather.

Life is good.

I threw caution to the wind when I registered for this yoga conference and agreed to room with two other women whom I had never met before and knew nothing about. I found this beautiful quote yesterday on the Breathe Yoga Studio Website:

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.

~Margaret Shepherd

I lept and the universe rewarded me with two room-mates who I couldn't have hand picked better myself! We were off in search of coffee in my Mini at 6am the first morning and then to our yoga practice at 7am- talking about anything and everything as though we'd all been friends for years. Friday night we walked to the local restaurant for happy hour and Saturday night we escaped from yogi land and enjoyed some great Sushi at Crystal Fish in downtown Monterey . Three days into the conference we were hugging and saying our teary goodbyes, promising to stay in communication and visit one another in our three different states. (Those are United States– not states of mind, bliss, transcendence, etc…)

All these beautiful moments come to mind when I gaze at the photo of my Labor Day feast.

My goal is to make leaping in faith more a part of my daily life so that I can experience the unexpected blessings that the universe has in store for me.

In thanksgiving for my two new friends- Kim and Tisha.







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