Saturday, September 17, 2011

Diva to the World


I celebrated my birthday on Thursday and am now another year older and a wee bit wiser. Several years ago I received a birthday card from a wonderful friend that had a similar picture to this one on the outside and on the inside it said “Diva to the World”. I loved that card and practically tore my bedroom apart last night looking for it but to no avail.

When a woman gets to a certain age birthdays take on a whole new meaning. I am in no way a “Diva to the World” but I can appreciate that it is a goal to strive for when outward beauty wanes and inside wisdom takes precedence. There is certainly a profound moment when a woman realizes that this transition has occurred.

There is much responsibility that comes with being this kind of woman. We have so much to share and teach through the manner in which we live our lives. Do we whine about every wrinkle and emerging gray hair? Or do we walk with confidence, knowing that we have discovered many of the secrets of life- having traversed our own personal paths through dark alleys and into unknown caves- across high scary platforms that have build within us character and strength.

As women of a certain age we have a responsibility to mentor, to refrain from destructive gossip and to uplift other women in our lives. We also have the ability to love fully and unconditionally arising from the perspective we have gained in our years of chasing our own inner demons and knowing that none of us is without flaw or weakness.

I found this beautiful quote in one of my journals as I looked and looked for that Diva to the World birthday card.

A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.” ~Jacqueline Bisset

To all my “Diva” sisters…

Live with integrity and grace.

Happy Birthday.

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  1. So, true beauty emerges with age and wisdom gained from lessons learned through the journey’s hills and valleys, twists and turns. I agree. I also believe that this concept applies to the yang (Male Diva???) enegy too!

  2. My Ethnic Diva Friend, you are still so very beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. I would add one thing to Jacqueline Bisset’s quote: a really good moisturizer and beauty regiment practiced faithfully.

  3. You are wise beyond your years, and possess the physical beauty of women half your age. Happy (belated) Birthday.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wisdom as you turn the age that all (most) of us Divas are turning this year…you have put into words what many of us feel and this is your gift to us all, Rosemarie! At this time I’m looking for mentors–who has gone (and is still going) through this aging process in a graceful, meaningful way? The image at the top of your blog give me peace and serenity. I’ll quote Sophie Lumen here. This is a creed or manifesto that she offers on her website
    1. I will age with humor, serenity & to the best of my efforts, health.
    2. I will continue to express my creativity & personal style.
    3. I will challenge the stuck way our culture looks at getting older.

    Amen, Hallelujah, Praise Buddah, God, Goddess, Nature, the Universe, Cosmos and the Grand Mystery of it all!

  5. Thank you Rosemarie and Claudia! And Claudia, I’m enjoying Sophie Lumen’s website/blog — thank you for sharing.

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