Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Strength in Numbers

Anyone familiar with the Shaheen family knows that it is a male dominated clan. My dad is one of five brothers. My parents had five sons. I have three sons.  Four of my brothers all have at least one or two sons. One of my brothers married a man! Gee whiz!

Females are a rarity.  And we stick together.

We are not the perfect family by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve been through some tough things and have come out on the other side, strong in the broken places.  Each of us has a story to tell about the Shaheen men we have lived with, supported, nurtured and loved unconditionally.

I have learned so much about life from these brave women.  They have inspired me.  They have taken me shopping.  They have given me wardrobe and home decorating advice.  They have buoyed me up in times of despair and sadness.  They are the bonuses of my life.

Katie, Mojgan, Susan, Catherine, Christine, Adrienne, Adele, Aimee and Elizabeth.  We are missing Charise, Annamarie, Katy, Sarah, Jessica and my new daughter-in-law Brianna.  God willing, next year we will all be together for this picture.  It will be the best Christmas ever.

I am very grateful for these women.  They bring so many unique gifts and charisms to the Shaheen family.  My life would be very one dimensional without their strength and femininity, compassion and nurturing.  Not to mention our collective cooking skills!

We no doubt have challenges ahead as every family does. But we will navigate both the good times and the difficult times as they come. We are sisters and friends.  We are united by our shared history.

We are strong together.



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  1. Rosemarie, greetings from a long ago childhood friend! I am so impressed with your blog. Remember that notion of a perfect life a long way back? Most of us had no idea how imperfect it could get! But life can be full of surprises no matter how old we are. And they aren’t all bad.
    (booby trap, shame on your brothers. Hope that brought a smile to your face)

  2. Wow, Diane! So nice to hear from you! How did you find my blog? Where are you living and what are you up to? Yes I remember the “booby trap” afternoon like it was yesterday. Hope you are well. xox

  3. My brother Mike passed away a few years ago. I was going through some of his things and found a Pius commencement program. I saw your brother’s name and so I goggled your name. The blog was a result of that search. I am married to Casey. I have lived in WA for the past 30 years.I have two children Bree 29 and Daniel 28. Three grandchildren (18 months,3 and,8). I am well and I am happy. Here’s a crazy coincidence….. I am having a hip replacement February 25th! I guess that will make me a one hip diva as well!

  4. Hello Rosie,

    Just looking for Diane Himebaugh and found you again!
    Will be in San Francisco in June 6-9 at least. Let’s try to meet up!

    Hope all is well with you!

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