Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Gifts... Graced Moments


On Christmas morning my sons and Brianna wrenched me out of the kitchen in order to take a walk with the pups. I was torn- feeling like I had so much to do before the 16 guests came for Christmas dinner at 4pm. Then I stopped and asked myself. What is the important thing right now? 


It was a beautiful crisp morning and we went to the corner park so that Willow and Lua could get their wiggles out and Robert and Peter could play on the equipment. 



I couldn’t have planned it better myself. No Christmas card picture would have come out better than this one. Perhaps the unstaged is the most representative. If this is true, I feel especially blessed. 

It was a graced moment. An unplanned trip to the park with cups of coffee and a chill in the air and the people who mean everything to me. Much more than a perfectly cooked and served turkey. 

Patrick, Peter, Robert, Brianna, Lua and Willow

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  1. Great picture Rosemarie; here’s to many more “unplanned” but perfect opportunities for you in 2012 – our 30th anniversary. Can you believe it’s been 30 years since we were new Mom’s singing in Harvest and sharing our faith weekly at our Bible Study at St. Mary’s in Whittier? Now we’re Diva Mom’s spending time watching our children grow up to be the people God meant them to be. Where has the time gone?

    • Rosemary, I do look forward to the unplanned and magical moments of life more and more as I get older! I guess it’s all about relinquishing control and letting life happen. Love to you my Diva friend of 30 years!

  2. Wonderful sharing, Rosemarie. Definitely special moments. I especially agree with your subsequent sharing about discerning that we realize how little we do control things in our own lives, as we “mature” (my word ;-) ) and learning from life

  3. Thanks for sharing a slice of your Christmas morning with us. I’m glad you stopped and re-considered! This was the perfect gift. But, I want to see you in the photos, too!!! Love, Claud

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