Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Gifts.. Jump into Joy!

Watch Patrick on YouTubewatch?v=YJH65jLvmv0

This is my son, Patrick, at our annual day after Thanksgiving Karaoke night at El Toro Brewery in Morgan Hill.

Talk about JOY!

Joy is having your family together for the holidays and making it user friendly by doing some of the activities that THEY like to do! This annual Karaoke night has become a real crowd pleaser and is a great way to launch the holiday season for the Healy family. Being that it’s Thanksgiving weekend, my sons have friends home from far and wide who come and reconnect with them over good beer and great entertainment. Us “grown-ups” come along for the JOY! (And sometimes we can be coerced to get up and sing… oh somebody twist my arm!)

Life is hard. The holidays can be difficult. Feelings, memories, emotional baggage can all get stirred up inside us and we can get blue and nostalgic for the way things used to be or fantasize about how we would like our lives to be different.

OR we can take moments of JOY and string them together in order to get through the tough times.

When I think of the popular song Joy To The World I have visions of angels and peace on earth and heaven and nature singing. How does that translate into the real world?

Perhaps it is at a Karaoke bar on a Friday night listening to your son singing Foxy Lady like nobody’s business!

BTW the beer is about $8 a pitcher. The JOY is free!



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  1. Nice post Mom. It is definitely a joyful activity embarrassing yourself with friends and family. Although the pitchers there are quite pricey- about $16 to 18 – its always best to pre-game with some Frangelico shots.

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