Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Gifts... A Legacy of Love

I love the beautiful Christmas song “Mary Did You Know?”  It talks about how Mary came to discover that she had birthed the savior of the world.  Despite her elite appointment as the mother of Jesus, she had to go through what every mother has had to go through.  The months of carrying a child.  The pain of labor.  The miracle of birth.  The daily care and feeding of an infant.  The watching and the worrying and wondering if she’d done this whole parenting thing right or if she could have done it differently or better.

I never quite experienced what love was until I had my first born son.  I remember feeling like a co-creator with God.  I thought I had earned an academy award or at least a thunderous round of applause.  It was such a magnificent feat yet so ordinary really.  Women do it every day.

But the miracle for me was how my life changed in every facet.  I lived each subsequent day in love with this little infant.  I had become a conduit of love.  The love I received from my own mother who labored to deliver me.  The love of both my parents. The love of my siblings and my extended family.  The love I’ve received from friends and people who have touched my life in a significant way.  The love and blessings and forgiveness I have received from my God.

All this love infused into my first born son.

To love is to take on a huge responsibility.  It is a promise to be true and to stand by and watch from a safe distance sometimes rather than rush in and fix.  Love can be fierce and protective or it can be consistent and dependable.  When we take on the challenge of loving someone we open the floodgates of all the love we’ve received into our lives and allow it to flow freely into our new found love.

I am so thankful for this legacy of love that I have been gifted.  Perhaps it is the most precious Christmas gift I have ever received.  And the most invaluable gift that I can give.



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  1. I remember asking my doctor when I was pregnant with my firstborn – how can you love something you don’t know? Dave was beginning to get worried because I was so focused on my job as a band director and life as a wife that I couldn’t imagine anything better in my life. The minute David was born I looked in his eyes as he held on to my finger and I was hooked, madly in love and changed for the better forever. Here’s to our firstborn sons Rosemarie, glad you and I have been on this path of motherhood together for 30 years.

  2. Hi Ro!

    That is my favorite Christmas son, too. For all the same reasons…. I can hardly remember my life before my children. I’ll never be the same, for all the right reasons.

    Much love,

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